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Premium Thick Cloth Diapers

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These classic Cloth Diapers are the absolute best we could source. Padded center, ultra thick and absorbent with finished corners so they won't unravel.  No cotton cloth diaper looks "factory perfect" after washing, so we tested several manufacturers and found this one to be the best looking after repeated washings.

We will repeat for emphasis---these diapers will draw up and, after being laundered, will NOT look like they do when they come from the factory.  You will NEVER find a diaper that looks like it came fresh off the loom from the factory after it has been laundered.  It will have "bumps" after washing and this is completely normal.  No one expects a new mom to iron burp cloths!  Keep in mind the practical purpose of burp cloths and remember that no one expects them to be factory perfect after washing.  Especially a new mother who has a lot of more important things to think about!  :)  Now, we HAVE done a ton of research and testing and found the quality and thickness of this cloth diaper holds up the best and looks good after repeated launderings.  We stand behind these and LOVE them!

Measures approximately 14.5" x 21".
100% Cotton
4x6x6 Ply Thickness



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