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Fuse N Stick Stabilizer

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We recommend this product for fusing our Recipe Patches to the towel to hold in place.  Then you can use a decorative stitch of your choice to finish the edge nicely.  We like the blanket stitch for this, but experiment with some of the stitches on your sewing machine!

Fuse 'N Stitch is a unique double-sided adhesive stabilizer that is idea for applique.  One side has a low-melt adhesive that is activated by using a medium setting on a hand iron, while the other contains a pressure-sensitive adhesive protected by a paper backing.  Eliminates the need for spray adhesive. 

Place Fuse 'n Stick with the fusible side facing the reverse side of the applique fabric, paper side up.  Apply heat (220-280 degrees F) using an iron to the protective paper on each area for 10-12 seconds.  Check for bond and reheat if necessary.  Avoid overheating as it can "burn off" the adhesive.  For precut appliques, trace a mirror image of the shape on the paper or cut with an electronic cutter.  

12" x 10 yard roll



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