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Cocktails Recipe Machine Embroidery Design Collection

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This design collection was made for those who love classic cocktail recipes.  The embroidery designs are purposely done in a retro advertising style that has overprints and askew lines and stitches to capture that 50’s advertising look and feel.
Twelve designs are included each one contains a classic cocktail recipe. Instructions to add a coordinating fabric band are included. (see below)
Recipes Included:
Bloody Mary
Blue Hurricane
Champagne Cocktail
Hot Gin Toddy
Irish Coffee
Long Island Ice Tea
Millionaire's Margarita
Strawberry Daiquiri
Designs require a 5-1/2" x 8-3/4" stitch field.  Check your hoop size carefully!  Designs are on a multi-format CD with the designs included.  Make sure you know how to transfer designs from a CD-ROM to your embroidery machine before purchasing.  Lunchbox Quilts does NOT allow the sale of items using their embroidery designs.  Please click here to see their entire copyright policy.
Samples on the package were made using our Solid Black Flat Weave Kitchen Towels.  Notice that adorable fabric band on the bottom of each towel?  Bonus!  The instructions for adding your own fabric band are included in the package!
We love the way they look on our Vintage Gingham Trim Kitchen Towels in Black!



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